Exterior Painting Contractor Commercial Residential San Bernardino Redlands Loma Linda CA

Exterior Painting Contractor Commercial Residential San Bernardino Redlands Loma Linda CA

Licensed California contractor JQ Painting Company offers custom exterior paint jobs for both commercial properties and residential homes in Loma Linda, San Bernardino and Redlands, CA.

Get an Honest Social Pop Review Here

After looking at this Social Pop product I decided to write a review and let everyone know how well this product performs. I also wanted to give people an idea of how it works. And more importantly why it works so well. So without further ado, here is my full Social Pop review:

Social Pop Review: What Does It Do Exactly?

social popSocial Pop works by letting users who are browsing a website know about a particular item. It can be letting the user know about a discount or bonus or just that there are other people on the site looking at the same thing.

This helps the seller by allowing the buyer to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. And let them know that if they don’t act soon they could be missing out. I’ll give an example below:

Let’s say that you visit a sales page and the seller is giving a 50% discount to the next 10 buyers. In times past there was no way to tell what number you were and how many discounts were left.

Now fast forward to Social Pop. You can set Social Pop to show a pop up everytime someone orders. So if a user was browsing and looking at a product as I stated above and keeps seeing that the discounts are going by people buying them. It prompts them to take action and buy the product.

After all they don’t want to miss out on the discount. This is where Social Pop shines. Without Social Pop on a site like this the user may watch the sales video or read the sales page and decide to come back later. Which they may never do. Just by converting a few of your visitors you’ll pay for Social Pop.

It makes your conversion rate skyrocket and can boost your sales tremendously.

It Works for Affiliate Marketing Too!

You don’t have to have your own product for Social Pop to work. You can use it on affiliate products as well. And it works on a host of platforms including WordPress, Shopify, 1ShoppingCart, and more.

If you want to get a great bonus download then be sure to click here. Also there is a 80% Social Pop Discount available for a limited time. Check out these other great sites that tell you about Social Pop As well:



Is SociReview Worth It?

SociReview ReviewA new course has just hit the market and many people are wondering if it’s worth it or not. While I can’t understand anyone’s economic outlook in a blog post I thought I would dive into The Social Media Formula and let you know some of the things that I’ve found useful and some things that really didn’t help that much. So I decided to write a review of The SociReview below.

My SociReview Review

As I first got access to the system I was a little surprised at the layout. The courses were set up in easy to follow sections that were labled by time. So If you were taking week one of the course, you can tell exactly how much was included that week or day. The site also has a personal progress indicator so you know where you are in the course. Which was awesome for someone like me who always wants to know the time I’m going to spend on something.

The lessons were laid out nicely and it seemed like everything was straight to the point. George did a really nice job at cutting the fluff from the course. Something that I’ve always had issues with on similar courses. He explains a 5 minute lesson in just 5 minutes. It’s doesn’t drag on for 30 minutes. You learn exactly what you need to know and then move on to the next course.

This works really well as far as saving you time but it doesn’t help much when you don’t really understand what’s going on. So if you have problems there is always the forums that you can go to and ask. It’s one of the highlights of the course really because it’s more of a community than anything else. And when you get access to the site you can read some of the back threads of the forum and learn a huge amount of knowledge fast.

What I didn’t like about SociReview

Some of the lessons in the beginning were a little too newbie for me. The explanations of what a social network is kind of threw me off guard. After all, someone who bought the course should already know this. The section was easy to skip over and I moved right along in the course so it’s wasn’t that big of a deal.

So Is SociReview  Worth It?

The Social Media Formula has a larger price point than some of the other courses of this nature. However, some features of The Social Media Formula make it worth the extra cost. The forums alone are worth the cost of the program and getting to talk with like minded marketers is a huge boost. The course walks you through the popular social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc… And it also takes  a look at some of the Advertising methods used. If you want to learn more about social media then it’s time you took a closer look at The SociReview

Value Shopper Pro is a great way to shop in the USA!

Value Shopper Pro is a great way get and ship your packages. They are a great company that can really take care of your shipping needs. Here are some of the services they offer:

Payment assistance

At Value Shopper Pro LLC, we do everything in our power to make your shopping experience a veritable possibility – and an enjoyable one! Is your credit card often rejected for not being American? Under our system, purchases will appear as US transactions, regardless of where you are in the world. No more extortionate shipping fees – and no more will your purchases be refused.

Paypal payments

If Paypal is more your cup of tea for handling internet transactions, but you can’t get verified – or can’t get your head around it – we’ll do it for you. We’ll deal with your auction bids, with your customs issues, and with anything that will help to make your online shopping a dream experience.

Shipping agents across the US

We work using a system of shipping agents: these ward off the cross-country fees that are often encountered, and only avoidable by paying ridiculous taxes. These agents function like an e-mail inbox, enabling our customers to stay on track with their transactions, wherever they are.