3 Tips for Promoting Your Kindle Book

You’ve got your book finished and uploaded to Amazon. Now you just need for some readers to buy it. The excitement builds as you anticipate that first sale. A few hours later your excitement turns into doubt and then a few days later you wondered why you even bothered.

If that sounds like something you’ve experienced with your Kindle book then you’re not alone. Many of the first time authors on Kindle marketplace go through this when attempting to self publish a book. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your book, it just means you’re not marketing it properly.

Here are 3 things that you can do to promote your Kindle Book

Tweet About Your Kindle Book

You need to let people know your book is available. What better way to do that than by announcing it on social media sites such as Twitter. You can also post on other social media sites as well but Twitter is the best for promoting your book. It’s also best if you use an author account. This way you can tweet about upcoming books.

Use KDP Select to Do Promotions

It may seem like a bad idea but you may want to give your book away for free. By using KDP Select you’re able to have 5 free promotion days every 90 days. Use these 5 free promotion days to give your book away and gain traction in the Amazon best sellers list. Each download can help your search rankings as well. Be sure to tweet about free days so your users will know.

Use Free Book Sites to Get Exposure

There are many sites online that can give you free exposure. Especially if you’re enrolled in KDP Select. It’s important they you sent your book to these site before hand however. Typically most sites require a 7 day day advance notification of your book being free. For a list of sites that offers free book promotion to their email lists and such be sure to check out Author Marketing Club.

6568286685_c5f81b0941_o (1)I hope these 3 tips can help you. If you’re promoting your Kindle Book and want to share how you get exposure be sure to comment below. 


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